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Steps, Documents, and Conditions for Obtaining a Northern Cyprus Visa 2023: How to Get a Cyprus Visa?

Obtaining a Northern Cyprus Visa 2023

A Northern Cyprus visa (residency in Northern Cyprus) comes in various types, each requiring specific conditions and documents for obtaining approval from this country.

As you know, a visa is a conditional and temporary permit granted to foreign nationals for entry and temporary residence in a country. Visas (residency) are issued by a country’s immigration department and are valid for a specific duration. Northern Cyprus visas follow a similar pattern, and Foreigners aiming for temporary residency in this country need to obtain specific types of visas available in Northern Cyprus. The country of Cyprus comprises two parts, north and south, each considered an independent country with its own immigration laws. Northern Cyprus is under the protection of Turkey and is also known as Turkish Cyprus.

Northern Cyprus visas encompass various types, and individuals can pursue obtaining one based on their circumstances. An interesting aspect regarding obtaining a Northern Cyprus visa is that the country hasn’t imposed strict regulations for Foreigners to acquire a tourist visa. Before traveling to Northern Cyprus, different nationalities can check whether they need to obtain touristic visa in advance, or they can get it upon arrival to Northern Cyprus. It is mandatory to demonstrate their intended residence—such as providing a hotel reservation or providing a home address for their stay—and possessing a valid reason and round-trip flight ticket.

However, if individuals aim to permanently immigrate (for residency) to Northern Cyprus for a specific purpose, they need to acquire one of its residency types, each with distinct procedures and document requirements. Hence, in the following article, we will familiarize you with the types of Northern Cyprus visas (residency in Northern Cyprus) and the steps to obtain them.

Complete Guide to Obtaining a Northern Cyprus Visa 2023

Residency and visas in Northern Cyprus are not Schengen-related and do not adhere to its laws. The process of obtaining a Northern Cyprus visa is not complicated. For most nationalities, who wish to enter this country as tourists for short-term visits using their passport, they don’t need any prior arrangements. If they have a valid reason such as tourism, a hotel reservation in Northern Cyprus, a specific address for residence, and, most importantly, a round-trip flight ticket, they can receive a tourist entry permit for 30 days. If there’s a valid reason, like visiting family members, they can extend their tourist stay in Northern Cyprus for up to 90 days. The general rule is that the duration of stay granted at any ports and border crossings of the TRNC cannot be more than 90 days within a period of 180 days. All foreigners who wish to stay in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus for more than 90 days, are required to obtain a residence permit.

To obtain a Northern Cyprus visa for residency and living in this country, you must pursue various methods such as educational, employment, or investment residencies. Each type of residency acquisition has its specific laws and conditions, which we’ll detail further below.

How to Get a Cyprus Visa?

Why Should You Apply for a Northern Cyprus Visa?

People intending to continue their education or live in Northern Cyprus must proceed with obtaining a work, study, or investment visa (residency) as this is the only way they can stay and live in this country after entering Northern Cyprus. Those traveling to Northern Cyprus as tourists can visit this country for tourism purposes for up to 90 days, and before the end of this period, they must return to their country.

Therefore, to stay in Northern Cyprus and obtain temporary or permanent residency in this country, it is essential to have residency. On the other hand, Northern Cyprus is considered one of the best Asian countries for foreigners due to its several reputable international universities offering various fields of study at lowers costs and its advancing economy. This country has actively engaged in activities and advertisements in recent years to attract foreign investors. In this article, you can become familiar with the best investment methods in Northern Cyprus. So, the first step to living in this country is obtaining residency.

Familiarity with the Laws and Conditions for Obtaining a Northern Cyprus Visa 2023

In the current year, there have been slight changes in the conditions for obtaining a Northern Cyprus visa (residency in Northern Cyprus). In the following, while referring to the general conditions for receiving various residencies in this country, we will also mention these slight changes.

Specific Northern Cyprus Visa Conditions for Foreigners

As mentioned, different nationalities can travel to Northern Cyprus for tourist purposes and can travel to this country for up to 90 days without a need of residency. If you are an EU citizen you can also travel to Northern Cyprus via southern borders, otherwise, you need to travel to TRNC via Turkey.

Northern Cyprus Visa Conditions

Required Documents for Obtaining Northern Cyprus Residency

As you know, there are several methods to obtain Northern Cyprus residency, and each method requires specific documents. However, some general documents needed for obtaining Northern Cyprus residency include:

  • The applicant’s original passport with a minimum of six months’ validity along with a copy.
  • One recent passport-sized photograph.
  • A lease agreement or documentation of a residence in Northern Cyprus where you will reside.
  • Confirmation of residence in Northern Cyprus.
  • Health examinations.


Required Documents for Educational Residency in Northern Cyprus

Please note that for an educational residency, in addition to the mentioned requirements, a letter of acceptance from the university you’ve been admitted to in Northern Cyprus will also be necessary. After registering at the university, you do not need to undertake any specific procedures. The process of obtaining an educational residency is straightforward. After the university term begins, your information will be sent to the Northern Cyprus Immigration Police. You can open your residency portal and confirm your personal information. Then, the next step is paying for the health examination. After the laboratory sends your test results and the police confirm, you can pay for your Northern Cyprus educational residency or Student Permit and receive it. Aretan Group‘s educational acceptance services will cover all these stages for you for free.


Required Documents for Work Residency in Northern Cyprus

It’s essential to know that the process of obtaining a work residency is different. In fact, the employer must apply for the work residency on behalf of the applicant. For this type of residency, there won’t be a need for a residence confirmation. Eventually, the individual will undergo certain health tests, and upon receiving the test results, the relevant work residency will be issued. In this method, the individual doesn’t interfere, and the employer, who is a registered company in Northern Cyprus, will obtain the work residency for them. For further information, read the section on different types of visas, including the work visa for Northern Cyprus.

Required Documents for Real Estate Investment Residency in Northern Cyprus

Regarding residency through real estate investment, in addition to the mentioned primary documents, a financial capability letter will also be necessary. For individuals who have bought a ready property or do not have remaining installments for their property, the currently required financial capability amount is three times the base salary in Northern Cyprus (the approved base salary for 2023 is equivalent to 18,103 lira) per month for 13 months. The source can be the applicant’s bank account in TRNC or any other country, income from the company owned by the individual, or the individual’s salary slip. Please note that the approved monthly base salary per person is 18,103 lira gross and 15,750 lira net.

Note that if your property is under construction and you are obligated to pay installments, in addition to proving your financial capability to cover living expenses (as previously mentioned), you must demonstrate the necessary financial capability to pay the installments for your property throughout a year.

It should be mentioned that individuals seeking temporary residency through investment must pay one-third of their property’s price. The process is that after depositing one-third of the property’s purchase price and preparing the necessary documents, individuals receive a number from the Ministry of the Interior of Northern Cyprus to proceed with their temporary residency. After receiving the confirmation of residence and opening the residency portal, the procedures for obtaining temporary residency begin. As previously mentioned, you need to have renewed your temporary residency for five years without interruption and according to specific regulations to apply for permanent residency. It’s worth noting that, according to the new regulation, two individuals cannot obtain residency through buying a single property.

Also, keep in mind that if you purchase a property in Northern Cyprus that is still under construction, you must have the documentation required for residency, including a lease agreement and address confirmation, as part of the general documents for obtaining residency. Additionally, the following documents will be required:

  • Certificate of Good Conduct in English with the stamp of the judiciary and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • A copy equal to the original of the property purchase contract for which one-third of the amount has been paid and is stamped by the Tax Office (i.e., half a percent of the total property value has been paid to open the individual’s tax file).

Required Documents for Dependent Residency

Dependents of individuals holding a certain type of residency in Northern Cyprus can also acquire residency through their spouse, parents, or unmarried children. For instance, if one of the spouses works, studies, or invests in Northern Cyprus, they can apply for residency for their spouse. Besides general documents, documents such as birth certificates, translated and certified marriage certificates in English, and financial capability evidence for the sponsoring individual must be provided.

For parental sponsorship, parents can obtain residency for unmarried daughters without age limitations and unmarried sons under the age of 24. However, parents must hold one of the residency types in Northern Cyprus, either through employment or through investment.

Procedure for Obtaining Northern Cyprus Visa (Residency)

After uploading documents on the Ministry of Interior portal of Northern Cyprus, the Immigration Police, a department within the ministry, will set a time for delivering specified original documents. Within the stipulated time, you must submit the required documents to the Immigration Police, and then pay for the health tests’ expenses. Health tests include blood tests, hepatitis, HIV, and TB tests, and obtaining results will take approximately one to two weeks. Currently, test results will be registered online, eliminating the need for in-person visits to collect results. It’s important to note that these tests must be undertaken annually.

Upon receiving the test results and final confirmation from the immigration office, the annual tax fee must be paid by the individual. After the payment, the residency permit will be issued online. The issued residency permit contains a QR code containing accessible information.

Advantages of Obtaining Northern Cyprus Visa (Residency)

Obtaining a Northern Cyprus visa means obtaining temporary residency. The validity period can range between six months to two years, initially issued for six months or one year based on the first application, and requires renewal after the validity period. However, having temporary residency doesn’t necessarily guarantee permanent residency after a few years. For example, having an educational residency doesn’t influence obtaining permanent residency. An individual who studies for four years and then enters the job market and changes their residency to work residency cannot apply for permanent residency after 5 or 6 years. Educational residency does not contribute to calculating the duration required for obtaining permanent residency. Only work and investment residencies allow individuals to apply for permanent residency after 5 to 8 years.

Permanent residency in Northern Cyprus differs from Northern Cypriot citizenship. Permanent residency doesn’t require annual renewals, while citizenship, acquiring a Northern Cypriot passport, requires between 8 to 12 years after obtaining temporary residency.

Northern Cyprus offers the advantage that anyone with residency is covered by the country’s state insurance, enabling free use of government medical services. However, in some specific cases, medical expenses may range between 10 to 30 percent for individuals.

When individuals obtain residency in Northern Cyprus, they can open a bank account in lira, euro, pound, or dollar, and apply for a debit card. Additionally, after receiving temporary residency, it’s possible to obtain a driving license in Northern Cyprus.

Disadvantages of Obtaining a Northern Cyprus Visa (Residency)

Until a few years ago, regulations posed difficulties for entry into Southern Cyprus and Greece if one held residency in Northern Cyprus (work, investment, or educational), as it was officially stamped in the passport. Presently, the laws have changed, and Northern Cyprus residency is not stamped in passports. However, an exception applies to company executives, with their stamps recorded in their passports. This process is entirely online, eliminating issues for purposes such as visits to Southern Cyprus and Greece.

Another disadvantage of obtaining residency in Northern Cyprus is the significantly time-consuming process of acquiring permanent residency.

Disadvantages of Obtaining a Northern Cyprus Visa

Types of Northern Cyprus Visa (Residency)

Northern Cyprus residency has various types, chosen based on individuals’ situations and life goals. However, to obtain any type of residency, specific conditions, and documents must be presented to the country for scrutiny and approval. Following this, a visa or temporary residency for living, working, or studying is granted. After several years, one can apply for a permanent residency card. Therefore, defining your purpose is crucial before pursuing Northern Cyprus residency.

Types of Northern Cyprus Visa (Residency) for immigration or travel to this country include:

Tourist Visa in Northern Cyprus

Valid for only 30 days for visits and travel to the country. As mentioned above, having valid reasons such as tourism, hotel reservations, visiting relatives in Northern Cyprus, a specific address for residency, and most importantly, round-trip tickets can allow for a 30-day tourist visit. Moreover, if valid reasons persist, like visiting children, extending the stay up to 90 days is possible. Note that if choosing a hotel for accommodation or using platforms like Airbnb, it’s advisable to make payments and show proof of accommodation payment to passport control officers to avoid issues.

Individuals traveling to Northern Cyprus as tourists to visit real estate projects better have invitations from reputable investment advisory companies or construction companies to avoid airport complications. It’s worth mentioning that Aretan, an investment advisory company, will send invitations to its clients before their travel to Northern Cyprus. Thus, contacting our consultants now for free consultation is advisable.

Student Visa in Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus Residency or a student visa is another valid type of residency in this country that individuals over 18 years old can obtain. However, individuals under 18 cannot acquire residency and do not need this type of residency. Instead, one of their first-degree relatives (father or mother) must hold one of the types of Northern Cyprus residency (student, property purchase and investment, or work). In this case, individuals under 18 can study and live in Northern Cyprus.

Student Visa in Northern Cyprus

Obtaining residency or a student visa will not impact the acquisition of your permanent residency. To obtain permanent residency, an individual must proceed through a work or investment residency route. However, studying in Northern Cyprus also comes with advantages, which you can explore in the article “What Are the Conditions for Studying in Northern Cyprus?”.

Work Visa in Northern Cyprus

After entering Northern Cyprus and finding desired employment, upon presenting the necessary documents and meeting the requirements, one can receive work authorization from a registered company in Northern Cyprus. The process is carried out by the employer and the relevant company. If a person does not have a presence in Cyprus to obtain a work permit, they must submit their documents to the relevant company in advance for the company to obtain their initial permit. However, if the individual is present in Northern Cyprus and holds another residency, they must leave Northern Cyprus for a while to change their residency status and obtain “Ön izin” (pre-permission).

Investment and Property Purchase Visa

As explained earlier, after selecting a property and paying one-third of its amount, you can initiate the process of obtaining your temporary residency through property investment.

Can Foreigners Obtain a Northern Cyprus Visa?

Many Nationalities can easily apply for a Northern Cyprus visa (residency) for various purposes such as education, work, or investment and obtain their temporary residency without any issues. Most citizens do not need a visa for tourist purposes when traveling to Northern Cyprus, and they can enter the country by presenting their passport and, importantly, a round-trip ticket, staying in the country for 30 days.

Validity of Northern Cyprus Visa

Validity of Northern Cyprus Visa

Northern Cyprus residency comes in various forms, including temporary and permanent residencies, chosen based on individuals’ situations and life goals. However, to acquire any type of visa, specific conditions, and required documents must be provided to the country for assessment and approval. After several years, individuals can apply for a permanent residency card. Therefore, it’s essential to determine your goal before initiating the Northern Cyprus visa process.

Validity of Tourist Visa:

  • For visits and travel to Northern Cyprus, a tourist visa is issued with a validity of 30 days. If valid reasons such as tourism, hotel reservations, visiting relatives in Northern Cyprus, a specified address for residency, and round-trip tickets are presented, one can receive a 30-day tourist stay. Moreover, in the presence of valid reasons like visiting children, the possibility of extending the stay up to 90 days exists in Northern Cyprus.

Validity of Student Visa:

  • In Northern Cyprus, aside from a tourist visa, there’s also residency or a student visa available for individuals over 18 years old. To obtain this visa, individuals must have an acceptance letter from a university or educational institution in Northern Cyprus. The visa’s validity typically aligns with the academic program’s duration for which the visa is obtained. However, this is contingent upon having paid the complete tuition fee. Otherwise, an annual renewal of residency must be done in September.

Validity of Work Visa in Northern Cyprus:

  • Upon entering Northern Cyprus and finding the desired job, individuals meeting the requirements and providing relevant documents can receive a work permit or an invitation letter from a registered company in the country. They can then obtain a visa for 30 days, and their passport must be valid for a minimum of two years. If a person is not present in Northern Cyprus to obtain a work residency, they must present their documents to the respective company beforehand to acquire the initial permit. With a work visa, an individual gains temporary residency in Northern Cyprus, the duration of which, typically 30 days, can vary based on individual circumstances and the type of work.

Validity of Investment Visa via Property:

  • To obtain temporary residency in Northern Cyprus through investment, individuals must pay one-third of their property price. After the payment and file formation, they receive a number from the Ministry of the Interior, a document necessary for the temporary residency process.

Cost of Northern Cyprus Visa

As mentioned, entry to Northern Cyprus is possible for many nationalities without requiring a visa. Instead, an airport visa is issued, which is free of charge and valid for up to 90 days. This visa is issued by the airport police based on the purpose of travel (education, family visit, tourism, or business establishment) to Northern Cyprus. Additionally, the individual must have the necessary financial means and declare the reason for traveling to Northern Cyprus. For business purposes, an invitation letter from the company they intend to collaborate with is required. Similarly, individuals traveling for business setup must provide financial and capital documents at the airport to obtain a 30 to 90-day visa.

For tourist purposes, an individual can obtain a visa for 90 days in Northern Cyprus, provided they present a hotel reservation or a rental house document.

Note that graduates from Northern Cyprus universities can receive a visa for 30 days each year for up to 3 years after their graduation. Research-related work also allows obtaining a visa corresponding to the project’s duration.

Keep in mind, your passport must be valid for at least 6 months for entry to Northern Cyprus. For individuals entering from Europe, the minimum validity is 2 months. For precise information, contact consultants and experts from the Aretan Group.

Northern Cyprus Companion Visa:

The companion visa allows individuals who have obtained a Northern Cyprus visa to bring first-degree family members to the country. It’s specifically for individuals who do not hold residency in Northern Cyprus and intend to stay for less than 3 to 6 months. Those planning an extended stay must obtain a different type of residency (financial stability, education, property purchase, family-based, or work-related). Whether you have a student, investor, or work visa, you can still obtain this type of visa. For example, prospective students, investors, or individuals holding a work visa in Northern Cyprus can apply for a companion visa for their spouses, children, family members, or partners. It’s advisable to apply for this visa a month in advance at the embassy, and under normal circumstances, it takes about 3 working days to process.

Moreover, this category of individuals can invite their companion or partner to the island temporarily or for tourism. If residency is intended, it’s recommended to consult with Aretan Group consultants for a better understanding of the laws in this regard.

Is the Northern Cyprus Visa a Schengen Visa?

No, the Northern Cyprus visa differs from the Schengen visa issued by European Union member countries. Northern Cyprus is politically independent and is regarded as a separate country. While some laws and procedures of the Northern Cyprus visa are similar to the Schengen visa, there are significant differences in most cases.

The Schengen visa allows travelers to freely travel within several European Union member countries within a specific period. On the other hand, the Northern Cyprus visa, issued by the government of Northern Cyprus, permits travelers to stay in the country for a maximum of 90 days.

Unlike the Schengen visa, which is valid for all EU member countries, the Northern Cyprus visa is solely for entry into this country. In other words, the Northern Cyprus visa is not valid for entry into other European Union countries. If someone intends to travel to EU member countries, they must obtain a Schengen visa. However, obtaining a Northern Cyprus visa can facilitate the process of obtaining a Schengen visa.

Conditions for Afghans to Obtain a Northern Cyprus Visa:

Although until recently, Afghan nationals did not have the possibility to enter Northern Cyprus, recently, they have been allowed entry. However, it’s crucial to note that the conditions and laws for this category of individuals are stringent and specific, involving lengthy procedures. Generally, obtaining a Northern Cyprus visa is not recommended for Afghans.

Northern Cyprus Visa

Frequently Asked Questions about the Northern Cyprus Visa:

Is the Northern Cyprus Visa a Schengen Visa?

No, the Northern Cyprus visa is not Schengen; each has its specific process.

What are the Travel Conditions to Northern Cyprus During COVID?

During the pandemic, various travel restrictions existed for different countries, including Northern Cyprus. Fortunately, with vaccination efforts in various countries, these restrictions have been lifted. For more information, it's advisable to contact our consultants at Aretan Group.

Final Words

In this article, we thoroughly examined the types of residencies or visas for Foreigners in Northern Cyprus and their acquisition conditions. Many Nationalities don’t need a visa to travel and visit Northern Cyprus, presenting only their passport and round-trip ticket. However, for purposes other than tourism, obtaining residency is necessary for living, studying, or working in the country.

Educational, work, and investment residencies are among the most common types in Northern Cyprus, attracting numerous applicants yearly. After several years, especially if the residency is work or investment-based, it’s possible to apply for permanent residency. Therefore, if you intend to migrate to Northern Cyprus, first clarify your migration intention (work, study, or investment) and then proceed through Aretan Investment Consultancy Company based on your objectives.

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