Privacy Policy

Client privacy and security measures and standards are always our topmost priority at "Aretan Group". Creating quality services reforms this responsibility to an ever-changing facet, since we value the rapid evolution of our privacy policy. We commit to these principles as privacy criteria for the protection of your data.

Respect for Privacy and Use of Personal Data: Aretan believes that these two integrated policies represent a belief that affects every service we render from the beginning. When clients benefit from our services, we are obliged to use and protect their information properly.

Transparency in Data Collection: To further aid clients on how to use Aretan Group's services, we attempt to clarify the nature of the received information as well as the acquisition manner.

Embedding Security Information Technology: Valuing user privacy equals protecting information. We continuously aim to provide the strongest and most advanced security Infrastructure for Aretan Group's platforms and services.

We Do Not Sell Your Personal Information: We use data to upgrade our services to maximum useful limits; plus utilizing data provided by our services for marketing schemes. However, your personal information is never sold nor exposed anywhere or to anyone.

We continually welcome new ideas aligned with enhancing our user data security. Get in touch with Aretan Group!