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An Unforgettable Experience: Hosting a Wedding and Spending Honeymoon in Northern Cyprus

An Unforgettable Experience: Hosting a Wedding and Spending Honeymoon in Northern Cyprus

From the past until now, weddings in Northern Cyprus have been beloved due to the island’s famous association with the birthplace of the goddess of love, Aphrodite. Honeymoons in Northern Cyprus are also highly favored among newlyweds.

The country, in reality, is a beautiful island nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. Its unique location and pristine nature have made it a favorite destination for weddings or honeymoons in recent years. It’s noteworthy that since the time Richard the Lionheart decided to marry his queen, Berengaria, in Cyprus, the island has always held a romantic allure for young couples. The suitable and straightforward marriage laws, picturesque wedding venues, and lower wedding expenses are among the significant reasons why European and American couples are drawn to this country. Additionally, a honeymoon in Northern Cyprus is one of the most memorable trips for young couples. If you intend to acquaint yourself with all aspects related to a honeymoon and weddings in Northern Cyprus, stay with us until the end of this article.

Marriage and Honeymoon in Northern Cyprus

In recent years, many young couples have turned to holding their wedding ceremonies in neighboring countries. One of the countries that have become very popular in this regard is Northern Cyprus. Interestingly enough, this country, besides being the legendary island of eternal love and the birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love, is renowned. Hearing this fact stirs the hearts of every young couple in love. On the other hand, Northern Cyprus, with its immensely wild nature, beautiful beaches, and luxurious and captivating hotels, can turn your wedding celebration into a memorable and unique event. In the following article, we’ve highlighted all the important aspects of organizing these ceremonies in Northern Cyprus.

Laws and Regulations for Marriage and Honeymoon in Northern Cyprus

If you also aspire to get married in Northern Cyprus, you should familiarize yourself with the country’s laws before anything else. The first and most important thing to note is that marriage in Northern Cyprus is entirely legal and recognized worldwide. Therefore, whether you’re from Britain, the United States, Canada, Russia, or any other country, you can legally marry in Northern Cyprus. It’s good to know that marriage laws in Northern Cyprus are based on English laws, and all marriage documents you’ll receive will be in English. The bride and groom must pay attention that there are specific requirements for registering their marriage in this country that need to be observed, including the minimum residence of the couple for six days before the wedding, providing passport and ID copies, completing a form, and presenting a divorce decree in case of a previous marriage.

Marriage and Honeymoon in Northern Cyprus

Wedding Venues in Northern Cyprus

As mentioned in the previous section of this article, Northern Cyprus holds the most attractive and unique locations for wedding ceremonies. Having an immensely wild nature and very attractive beaches in the Mediterranean Sea can be counted among the country’s strengths. On the other hand, the architecture of Northern Cyprus hotels is very suitable for photography and filming. There are many luxurious 5-star hotels on the island that host wedding ceremonies and often have wedding planners who can greatly assist in organizing the entire wedding ceremony, according to your budget. Additionally, very attractive locations such as by the sea, next to a pool, on a terrace overlooking the Mediterranean, along the seaside, or even specially designed dance halls can make the photography and filming of your ceremony very luxurious and attractive.

Furthermore, extraordinary public venues like the historical Bellapais Abbey and the scenic Esentepe viewpoint, overlooking the Mediterranean on both sides with stunning mountain and Mediterranean Sea views, will add considerable charm to the wedding ceremony.

If you prefer a traditional wedding in historical locations, St. Andrew’s Church in the heart of Girne, overlooking the castle and the harbor, can also be used as one of the numerous religious venues available. However, bear in mind that churches may have specific conditions that you must strictly adhere to, so make sure to check these options before the ceremony.


We all know that organizing an event like a wedding comes with its own set of hassles and specific stress. Now, imagine planning this event in another country; undoubtedly, your stress levels double. However, it’s reassuring to know that despite being very hospitable and warm, the people of Northern Cyprus, who have a great affection for wedding ceremonies, will alleviate the stress for the bride and groom. If you intend to hold your wedding in one of the hotels, you can use the hotel’s event planners. However, independent wedding planners are also available and efficiently manage all the elements of an event.

The bridal bouquets and floral arrangements play a significant role in decorating the wedding venue. There are numerous large flower shops in this country that accept your order and deliver it to the venue with the best designs. If you opt for wedding planners, this responsibility falls under their domain, and you only need to select the types of flowers.

The wedding cake is another attractive option that will add luxury to your celebration. Professional pastry chefs in this country will deliver your order on the wedding day just the way you want it. Simply register your desired design a few days before the ceremony at the pastry shop.

Even wedding rings can be acquired in this country. If you’re looking for unique and luxurious wedding rings, you can visit jewelry stores and make your appealing selection. You can even register your desired ring design to have it custom-made for you. Purchasing your rings in Northern Cyprus can be very cost-effective since this purchase is exempt from taxes.

If you’re concerned about bridal makeup in Northern Cyprus, rest assured that appearance and aesthetics are highly valued. Therefore, you can find beauty salons in almost every corner of the city. If you plan to groom and style all family members, you can coordinate with a makeup artist beforehand to come to your event venue and spend the day with you.

For capturing this special occasion, you’ll undoubtedly need a photographer or videographer to be present during the ceremony and reception to capture the important moments. It’s good to know that there are many professional and experienced photographers and videographers on the island at very reasonable prices.

If you’re looking for live entertainment, musicians, orchestras, English-speaking singers, and artists, rest assured that talents abound across the island and are easily accessible. By viewing their portfolios, you can make the best choice.

Today, young couples attach great importance to pre-wedding ceremonies. On this island, you’ll have numerous options for organizing such events. Nightclubs, private boat trips in the Mediterranean Sea, and daytime activities on the beach can make your wedding ceremony even more memorable for the guests.

Wedding Organizers’ Packages

The easiest and least stressful way to organize a wedding is to approach one of the wedding organizers. Some of the services these groups offer include:

  • Procurement and decoration of personal cars or horse-drawn carriages for the bride and groom.
  • Preparation of champagne and cocktail menus before the reception.
  • Preparation of dinner menus, wedding buffets, cakes, and dessert selections.
  • Bridal flowers and floral decorations.
  • Boutonnieres for the groom and guests.
  • Live music and entertainment.
  • Post-reception cocktails.
  • Fireworks display and event photography and videography.

Luxurious and Expensive Weddings in Northern Cyprus

In recent years, numerous small-scale wedding ceremonies have been organized on this island, hosting 30 to 40 families and close friends in an elegant environment. However, it’s interesting to note that the most luxurious weddings so far have been associated with the Indians. Indian weddings are generally very famous and opulent. Hosts typically rent sections of a resort, accommodation, and facilities for a week, hosting various private events before the main wedding ceremony with lavish receptions.

Cost of Weddings in Northern Cyprus

Now that you’re familiar with weddings in Northern Cyprus, you’d certainly want to know the approximate costs involved. Considering the average cost of weddings in Europe exceeds 25,000 euros, it’s no surprise that thousands of European couples travel to Northern Cyprus annually for their dream wedding celebrations and registration. Holding these ceremonies in Northern Cyprus will cost you roughly one-third of this amount. However, note that exact pricing can vary based on the facilities and additional items the couple includes in their celebration.

Honeymoon in Northern Cyprus

Honeymoon in Northern Cyprus

If you’ve already had a ceremony in your home country and are looking for an ideal honeymoon destination, Northern Cyprus could be one of the best options. Additionally, during your honeymoon in this country, you can also hold post-wedding celebrations. When booking a hotel, mention that you’re coming for your honeymoon. Hotels in this country are well-prepared to host young couples for their honeymoon.

Upon arrival at the hotel, you’ll be welcomed with special greetings for the bride and groom and guided to honeymoon suites. These suites are pre-decorated for the newlyweds.

You can enjoy spa facilities, therapeutic massages, and skincare treatments at the hotel, bask on the golden sunny beaches, bathe in specially prepared areas in the Mediterranean Sea, indulge in unique cocktails while immersing yourself in the beautiful nature of this country.

The entire island is filled with fascinating historical sites, Turkish restaurants serving delicious cuisines, and walking trails amidst pristine nature. Throughout your honeymoon, not only can you enjoy diverse leisure activities but these attractive locations will make your honeymoon photographs incredibly special.

Reservations for Ceremonies

If you’ve made a serious decision to get married or have your honeymoon in this country, you must think about booking venues and other ceremony-related aspects. You can do this online. Specialists at Aretan group can advise and assist you in this regard.

Closing Words

Northern Cyprus, with its pristine nature, unique beaches, and highly attractive historical locations, has been a very popular destination for young couples to get married and honeymoon. Weddings in Northern Cyprus have straightforward regulations, and all documents are registered in English. Nowadays, numerous professional groups take care of all aspects of wedding organization. Given the numerous unique locations throughout this country, your wedding photography and videography will be particularly special. Honeymooning in Northern Cyprus will also be one of the most dreamy trips for young couples, as all the hotels in this country are well-prepared to warmly welcome the bride and groom.

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