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Near East College:

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Near East College established in 1993, and Near East Junior College established in 1996 are the private schools located in both Famagusta and Lefkosa cities. NE Private Schools offer useful curricula in English for both elementary and high school. This institution has always put the nurturing of students’ creativity at the top of its pillar activities. Near East College is a good and quality choice for students, with its large and well-equipped laboratory, sports club, all sports facilities, proper meal plan, school buses, Turkish, English, French, or German Programs in high school, as well as a well-equipped hospital, medical insurance for students. NE College training programs are based on Cambridge International Schools standards and Pearson Edexcel examination center. It is also possible to obtain a Cambridge diploma by taking an exam at this college. The college is equipped with a library, music and dance studio, art workshops (Painting, Ceramics, Home Economics, Technical Drawing, and Calligraphy), a gym, an indoor Olympic swimming pool, and a health center.

Doğa College:

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Doğa International Schools offers a variety of educational classes for preschool, elementary, and high school students. Doğa College, located on the campus of the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) in Famagusta, has started its mission in 2011-2012. Using the “Nature-Oriented” educational model, the college has designed all its physical and technical activities in such a way as to nourish the ability of social communications, creativity, and the proper development of the cultural and psychological perspectives of its students. The presence of equestrian fields, zoos, theme parks, and agricultural ecology gardens has made Nature more and more integrated with the principles of learning in this school. In addition, the adaptation of the educational standards of this college to Cambridge has made it possible for students to obtain a Cambridge diploma by participating in the relevant exams.

Girne American College:

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Girne American College, located in Kyrenia, offers kindergarten, preschool, elementary and, high school education in English, benefiting from professional tutors. This college follows British teaching principles and covers Turkish language training during each grade. The international college of Girne covers all the educational, recreational, and sports activities. Internet-connected computer labs, science labs, music halls, art studios, dance studios, basketball and tennis courts, indoor gyms, and swimming facilities are some of the college’s unique facilities. Every activity is carefully designed to ensure the development of students’ creative, artistic, and expressive aspects. The college annually participates in local and regional competitions such as basketball, running, soccer, swimming, sword fighting, art, math, science, and language. Girne American College also provides the possibility of obtaining a Cambridge diploma through passing the related exams.